grand opening

The hospital system is headquartered in South Bend, Indiana with a regional corporate office in Indianapolis. Founder and Chairman Cameron Gilbert, PhD announced a new hospital to their system, that began in 2005, and will now total five hospitals that focus on treating the most complex psychiatric patients who also suffer with significant medical and neurological disorders as well. “I am excited to announce we are expanding our Medical/Neuropsychiatric services to a new hospital in Houston, Texas. “Focusing on patient needs and our hospital system’s clinical strengths have been the driving factors for this expansion”, stated Dr. Gilbert. The hospital will contain 120 beds and will be named Medical Behavioral Hospital of Houston. According to Gilbert, the hospital is set to open in late 2019. Dr. Gilbert also stated “Stay tuned, more expansion hospitals will be announced soon as we take our mission of treating the most complex psychiatric patients with serious medical and neurological disorders throughout the US.”