NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals provides units specifically for the treatment and betterment of patients with intellectual impairments.

Our dedicated Intellectual Impairment Units provide patients with the full range of the NPH Interdisciplinary Team approach.

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals has observed an increasing number of adults with Autism and other Intellectual Impairments who are referred for the treatment of comorbid acute psychiatric disorders. NPH utilizes sensory programming as well as behavioral programming in the treatment of our patients in the Intellectual Impairment Programs under the direction of board certified behavior analysts, psychiatry and internal medicine.

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals understand that many individuals who visit our Intellectual Impairment Units will need added assistance in calming. It is important for all individuals to learn to regulate their behavior. With this in mind, we have two sensory rooms dedicated to the patients on these units.

Sensory rooms, large group therapy rooms and the full range of NPH services provide our patients with a physically and emotionally safe environment.