Our Commitment

Patient care is our first priority

At NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals (NPH), we pride ourselves on offering a wide-range of services to provide the highest quality care for each patient. Our highly trained professionals work together as a unit to put patient care first and put patients on to the road to recovery.


You’ll find that at NPH, WE CARE about you and your healthcare needs.

Willingness – to do whatever it takes
Excellence – exceptional people providing excellent care
Compassion – display our helpful, healing spirit at every opportunity
Achieve – goals by striving beyond expectation
Respect – for everyone we encounter
Expertise – and commitment to being experts in all health care we provide

Patient Rights

Our patients have the right to receive the highest quality care. This means receiving the appropriate assessment, treatment, and care so that patients are always supported in achieving their wellness goals.


  • Evaluations and Admissions will be tailored to meet a patient’s individual needs.
  • Accommodations are designed to allow you the utmost convenience.
  • Safety and security of our patients and their families are of highest priority.
  • Meals are designed according to specific patient needs.

Our bottom line is to ensure every patient receives considerate and respectful care in all treatments, services and business practices. All patients have the right to be made comfortable and be treated with dignity.