Neuropsychiatric Evaluation

For patients suffering from psychiatric illnesses due to the effects of illness or injury, it is imperative to assess the patients’ symptoms before moving forward with a diagnosis and proper treatment. Psychiatrists do so using a neuropsychiatric evaluation.

What is neuropsychiatry?
Neuropsychiatry is the practice of treating behavior and psychological effects that are associated with either neurological diseases or injuries to the brain. Neuropsychiatrists will help to approach treatment from a medical stance, and generally help to diagnose a patient with the right medication that will help them to recover, or at the very least, assuage any immediate and detrimental effects.

Additionally, neuropsychiatry focuses on abnormalities in the area of higher brain function in places such as the cerebral cortex as well as the limbic system. Neuropsychiatrists seek to help balance and manage the perceived abnormal brain function of patients. Over 350 million men and women suffer from depression and the diagnosis rate increases about 20% each year; this disorder is often a result or in tandem to coexisting neurological symptoms or diseases.

What is neuropsychiatric evaluation?
Neuropsychiatric evaluation is the process the neuropsychiatrist uses in order to discern the correct course of action for medication and following treatment for a patient.

Who is eligible for neuropsychiatric evaluation?
Anyone who suffers from any psychological and other related conditions — such as head injury, epilepsy, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, irritability, dementia, or any other organic mental disorder — may be eligible for evaluation and treatment by a neuropsychiatrist. And with 5.3 million Americans alone only suffering from Alzheimer’s disease as of 2015, the need for neuropsychiatry is only increasing.

At NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals, our professional and compassionate staff aims to establish a community of care, doing so by incorporating staff, family members, and other caregivers into the treatment process. Furthermore, we also provide a comprehensive and specialized means of support and recovery for patients. Neuropsychiatric Hospitals believes in holistic approaches that incorporate psychiatric methods in order to achieve the most successful treatment results possible. This approach helps individuals suffering from neuropsychiatric conditions better manage their conditions and ultimately improves their quality of life.

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