SOUTH BEND, IN September 4, 2019 –NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals LLC (“NPH”) is pleased to announce the development of Phoenix Medical Behavioral Hospital. Owned by NPH, the locally run 96-bed hospital will serve patients with complex medical and neuropsychiatric conditions in the greater Phoenix area.

“I am pleased to announce the development of a new hospital in Phoenix, Arizona as we continue NPH’s national expansion strategy. Focusing on patient needs and our company’s clinical strengths have been driving factors in this expansion,” said NPH’s Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cameron Gilbert, PhD.

Located in downtown Phoenix, the hospital is now under construction and scheduled to open in the spring of 2020. This will be NPH’s sixth hospital and among only a select number of hospitals nationwide that focus on treating patients with significant psychiatric, medical and neurological disorders by providing an in-house network of disciplines, including internal medicine and psychiatry.

Patients are typically referred by Emergency Rooms because they are too medically ill and too psychiatrically complex to go anywhere else for effective treatment. For example, a patient may be acutely unstable, dangerous to self or others, have diabetes, wounds and acute heart disease, or an individual with Autism, hallucinations and/or extreme depression.

Patients typically stay approximately 12 days with 24-hour care.

Kashif Janjua, MD, NPH’s Chief Medical Officer, stated “NPH is not only one of the largest psychiatric providers in the Midwest, but one of the largest inpatient providers in the United States for patients with severe behavioral disturbance combined with complex medical and neurological disorders. NPH specializes in those patients who are too complex medically, neurologically and psychiatrically to go to a general acute care hospital or a regular psychiatric hospital.” He added, “We are not only here for our patients, but we are a safety net for our communities.”

Dr. Gilbert also stated, “We expect to announce additional, new hospitals in the future as we seek to expand throughout the U.S. to provide state-of-the-art patient care for individuals suffering from complex medical and behavioral conditions.”